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We invite you to come and help us save the tiger while having a stimulating holiday

This website is all about the Baiga people and how you might enjoy a wildlife watching trip to India and take advantage of the special treat when hosted by enviromentally sensitive locals.

Around Kanha National park there are some excellent places to stay if you are looking for a sympathetically run lodge.

This website also supports the Kanha Conservation Trust and those who support the Trust activities are entitled to the special treat of staying at Shanti Bagh.

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A group of Baiga dancing at Shanti Bagh

pic of Shanti Bagh
Shanti Bagh
a home from home when suppporting the Kanha Conservation Trust
Tiger cubs at Bandhavgarh
The new house at Shanti Bagh part finished built to generate income for the KCT
Margie Watts-Carter and Myk [webmaster] have set up this website on a UK server to provide an international base for the Baigas.

The intention is to document lifestyle, nag for donations to the KCT, create wonderful opportunities for holidays and especially photographic ones.

Hopefully if you decide to come and visit, there will still be some tigers left !

We are looking for people who have visited the Baiga, been to Kawardha Palace or just toured in the local area.

Photographs and stories will be credited to contributors with links to their own sites

We would prefer contributions in electronic formats, via upload, CD/DVD or email